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The entire Evercam codebase is open source under either Apache 2.0 or AGPL license (see below for details).

We made the decision to do this in April 2015 as we believe it is the best way to achieve our goal to write the best camera management software in the world. You can read about our decision here.

Warning For Developers

We wanted to go ahead and open up the codebase as soon as we possibly could. This means that it is currently far from what we would consider well prepared for external consumption. In theory it is possible to fork our server and get it up and running, in practice we’d ask you to hold off for a little longer while we get it nicely containerised and documented. The clients ( dashboard, iOS and Android ) are an easier starting point or you may be able to make pull requests directly to the server repos (evercam-media) with functional requests. In general though, you’re probably best sending us an email (marco@evercam.io) with some info about what you’d like to achieve.

Things we need to work on a bit more before we’d be recommending anyone to dive in:

  • Containerisation for easier deployment
  • Better documentation

So, warning over and done with, if you still feel brave, here’s the starting point: github.com/evercam/dev-ops





ContributorsShout out to the many heroes that are helping along the way.

IssuesJump in, the water's warm :)

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Get involvedThe Open Source Camera Management Platform

Add public cameras

Either create an Evercam account and use our API.

Add or improve the vendor/model information

Through the API, or get in touch. If you’re a camera manufacturer, we’d love to talk.

Create your own Evercam

Fork our repo and give it a shot. Start here: evercam-devops

There’s an app or an integration you’d like to see?

Get in touch, or try it yourself.

Bugs etc.

Please send an email or create an issue Please send security related issues to marco@evercam.io



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